Meet Lola Clay-Psychotherapist Extraordinaire | World’s Most Beloved Therapist

We had the good fortune of connecting with Lola Clay-Psychotherapist Extraordinaire and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lola, how has your perspective on work-life balance evolved over time?
As far as work life balance, I make whatever shifts my current life situation dictates. It’s changed over time in the sense that my focus has shifted from building the business, to building community. It’s important for my work to be a catalyst for sustainable growth; I am a peace broker and an agent of change and I take this role very seriously. I’ve spent this year focusing on relationships, giving back, and empowering people to participate in loving one another into wholeness. I think the balance is about integration of both work and life. Work should reflect elements of your value system and intention is important. I am intentional about nurturing every environment, person, system, and relationship that I can. I have a purpose and that purpose is to be a representative of hope and positive change.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
I love the written word, it’s the base for all of my creative endeavors. In our practice, my sister and I write books, content, podcasts; you name it, we write it. I’ve even written two sitcoms that are psychological satire. I’m in the process of shopping them around and I must say they are incredibly funny! We also are creating a Grid Iron Rage podcast to educate the public on the impact of traumatic brain injury and related mental and emotional illness that affects athletes of contact sports. I am very proud of all of these projects because they will be life changing for audiences. My ability to disseminate information and package it to where it’s easily digested is my superpower. This helped me get to where I am today, I don’t take myself too seriously and I try to help people see that mental health impacts us all. It hasn’t been an easy road but it’s been fulfilling. Every day I’m excited about evolution of mental health in our society and I know my television presence has been a huge part of this movement. Initially, it was challenging to deal with people’s perception of me based solely on my appearance. There’s a huge misperception that attractive women lack depth or serious intellect, despite many obvious examples to the contrary. I overcame this challenge by staying true to my craft and professionalism, by continuously producing good work and changing lives by delivering results that people can see and feel in their lives. My image and likeness helped the public to recognize clinicians as total human entities, the world has been able to see that therapists have personality, expressiveness, and knowledge. As a result there’s been a major shift in the way clinicians are depicted and utilized in television and movies, I receive letters all the time thanking me for the role I played in this shift. Helping others is my gift and that is 100% FACTS. The biggest lesson I’ve learned along the way is to know your worth, stand firm in what you are capable of, and reach for the stars! I want the world to know that I care, caring is important. You’d be surprised how many people exist in this world without anyone truly caring about them. I care about every single client I’ve ever met, I care about people that I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, I care about my wonderful fans that keep pushing me forward, and I care about the planet as a whole. I’m aware that people are feeling very frightened and uncertain about the current state of our world, but please know that I am refuge. I will be a beacon of positivity, hope, happiness, acceptance, and love…always. That’s what I want people to know about my “brand”. It’s not a brand at all , it’s a way of being, a way of life.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Whenever visiting the Houston area it’s important to see The Menil collection, visit Libations for a drink or to watch their favorite sports in a great atmosphere, go to FRNDS in the village for light bites and good music, visit the Houston Botanic Gardens, and get a great body treatment at Amy’s Med Spa, and order in from Bua’s Bistro.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
I dedicate this shoutout to my amazing business partner and sister Crystal Clay. She is a one woman dream team and executes exemplary work. We are literally so synched up that we are one mind. I am so grateful for our working relationship as well as our friendship and sisterhood. Our relationship is the template for all of my interactions because it is healthy, mutually supportive, reciprocal, fun, and enriching.

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