Welcome to 2022

Time is a blessing. As such, it commands a degree of reverence: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven” (Eccl. 3:1).  The previous year reminded us to take nothing for granted. Though change is inevitable, recent history has proven just how rapidly reality shifts. Undoubtedly, 2022 will bring its share of evolutions, adaptations, and novelties. Past experiences have prepared us for what may come. Covid-19 taught the benefits of solitude, patience, and resilience; it also amplified the inherent values of faith, family, community, and nature. Hence, seasons of challenge create gladiators of adversity.

As fresh prospects and goals are envisioned for the new year, planning, patience, and diligence are key. Comparable to how we mastered the ability to plan outings in 2020, as well as part of 2021, by making lists, taking health precautions, and allotting sufficient time to wait in line, so it goes with training for a new career, adopting a healthier lifestyle, or simply embracing a more positive mindset. Look back, proudly, on what you accomplished last year. Also reflect on areas of regression or challenge; it is perfectly all right, and even wise, to do so in order to improve. Doing so reveals what changes need be made; be they radical or subtle. Sometimes people are similar to plants: one area of the garden may be more favorable than another. Likewise, we must reposition ourselves for success. Now, while the word resolution may spawn skepticism, a brand-new year brings excitement—butterflies in tow. Which makes sense since this is a chance to add to our story. Whether goal, hope, destiny, or bucket list ring more authentic, there is something you desire from the next twelve months. Let there be no doubt that you can honor the vow. 

Regular quality time with loved ones, career changes, or more exercise are common aspirations. Fortunately, similar best practices can be applied to all for success. For the sake of brevity, consider fitness. In the beginning, going to the gym daily might not be feasible. So, plan to go several days a week instead; when you are unable to visit the facility, practice alternative activities, such as walking, jogging, weights, or calisthenics. Additionally, those activities are great for those who don’t have a gym membership. Be mindful to clear any fitness regime with your physician. To reinforce commitment, be patient with yourself. At the start, 30 minutes of activity is a more reasonable expectation than an hour. Gradually you will be able to do more. In the event you regress, and manage only two workouts one week, don’t despair. Just try again the next week. The important thing is not to give up. Persistence is progress. So, tell yourself something encouraging, like “A grueling week didn’t keep me down.” Because it didn’t. Whatever the target, patience, planning and persistence are required. Just remember to be gracious towards yourself, which is all the more relevant on New Year’s. 

By pure grace, we have been allowed to witness the dawn of 2022. Hope compels us to seek fresh prospects and tread bold unfamiliar paths guided by the abiding belief that life will be better for our efforts. That is faith. The hope and faith extended by grace is also an invitation to journey on in our purpose; in doing so, love manifests. Ultimately, we have learned that life, regardless of its duration, offers sufficient time to complete one very critical act—love. 

Happy New Beginnings, Zennies!